As a passionate pet lover, I was excited to discover Dream Dog Boutique. Walking into the store is like entering a fashion paradise. The decoration inside the store is unique, with lots of colours and pet ornaments. The store has an extensive range of pet supplies and is arguably a treasure trove of high-quality products.
In 2016, out of love for cats and dogs, Dream Dog Boutique was born. The owner is a very responsible pet owner. What makes me feel warm is that, according to the official website of this store, each product is made of environmentally friendly materials, full of love and care. It would be so rewarding to be able to contribute to a greener world while taking care of my pets.
At Dream Dog Boutique, you can find various items for your pets. Whether you have a dog or a cat, there is something for everyone. From stylish clothes to delicious treats and fun toys, everything is designed to make your pet’s life more interesting.
This store offers a wide range of pet apparel. In addition to some functional clothing, (for example the function of keeping warm in winter), different cuts and colours can also add personality to the pet. In addition to clothes, Dream Dog Boutique also provides a variety of pet supplies to meet people’s needs. Everything from the comfortable bed to the practical water bowl, from the gentle brush to the eco-friendly poop bag has been carefully selected.​​​​​​​
If you enjoy playing with your pets, browse the pet toys section. Fun, interactive toys that strengthen the bond between you and your pet. After playing, you can get closer by rewarding your pet with a wide selection of pet treats. These treats are made with healthy ingredients so your pet can enjoy them stress-free.
In addition to its rich offerings, Dream Dog Boutique also cares about the community. They often hold pet health talks and charity events, share pet care knowledge and support local animal protection organizations.
Upcoming Event: K9 Brite Bark Ultrasonic Scaling – September 28, 2023
Dream Dog Boutique is pleased to invite you to the Ultrasonic Cleaning on 28 September 2023 ( )This special event will use ultrasonic technology to give your pet’s teeth a thorough cleaning.
Cleaning teeth is very important for pets, Dream Dog Boutique understands how cleaning can keep pets healthy. The K9 Brite Bark team is the only one using this special technology to safely and stress-free clean your pet’s teeth.
The event will be held at Dream Dog Boutique’s beautiful location (1407 11 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1G7) from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. MDT. Remember to book early to secure your seat at this exciting event.
For just $25, your pet can experience this advanced technology. Even better, the booking fee is fully refundable in the form of a gift card to use in-store after the appointment, which is a great opportunity for responsible pet owners who care about their pets’ health and the environment.
So don’t forget to mark September 28th, 2023, in your calendars and join us for a K9 Brite Bark ULTRA SONIC teeth cleaning at Dream Dog Boutique. Let’s share the magic of love, care, and special pet treatments that positively impact the lives of our furry friends and the world we share.
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