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The Paws and Explore magazine enlightens and engages its local audience, especially passionate and affluent pet owners in Calgary, who want to explore the city alongside their cherished pets. Paws and Explore focuses on the vibrant heart of Downtown Calgary, offering a wealth of opportunities to maximize their time in the city and create memories with their furry companions. Each monthly issue offers a unique perspective on Calgary’s pet-friendly offerings, enlightening readers with a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the city’s potential. With informative content and a commitment to addressing the needs of pet owners, Paws and Explore stands out as a trusted resource, inspiring and empowering its local audience.
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Dream Dog Boutique: Perfecting Every Aspect of Your Pet’s Life

Canine Companion Clinic: Five tips to get your cutie dog through the hot summer ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Lindsay Park-Uncovering the Hidden Downtown Dog Park

Pet-Friendly Restaurant: Mr. LU Japanese street food
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